Provision of security equipments and installation

YK Viet Nam Security Services Co., Ltd is one of the best security companies in the market. With long-time working process and experience, it is vital that we provide our customers with security equipments and installation service because applying science and technology into supervising and security work is one of the top priorities of company’s business orientation. To provide customers with the best service, we have some advantages as follows:

  1. Being a great company with high experience and adequate capital fund, we are capable of providing services to both big and small projects.
  2. Our scope of work covers the whole territory of Viet Nam. The installation work of security equipments goes together with the provision of security service by personnels.
  3. Experience in the work of professional security service can help support in installing a proper and economical security system. Risks can be prevented and detected in time (if any).
  4. We guarantee to install the correct kind and code of equipments in the quotation.
  5. We ensure good maintenance work due to our creditable trademark.
  6. We ensure aesthetic look during installation period.

Our company provide following services:

  1. Purchase and sell security equipments.
  2. Investigate security systems for businesses.
  3. Consult, design security systems.
  4. Install security systems.
  5. Repair, maintain, preserve security systems.

We are capable of installing and providing customers with following security systems:

  1. Burglar alarm system.
  2. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) system.
  3. Fire protection equipments.
  4. Equipments for security work.
  5. Equipments for monitoring entrance and exit activities at offices, companies.

YK Viet Nam Security Services Co., Ltd belongs to a corporation which is very competent of providing customers with professional security services. We have a company which is specialized in providing the service of security equipments’ sales, installation, repair, maintenance. For details, we recommend customers to access the website of one of our member companies for reference: http://www.vietnamthanglong.vn/.





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