Provision of training for security guards

Customers can get a security force in their own organization and management. However, this force might have some disadvantages as follows:

a. Security guards do not come constantly into contact with an advanced security environment.
b. Security guards have to continuously work at the unchanged site which can make them easily feel boring or have close relationship with customers’ personnels.
c. The standard of professional security skill is not good enough.
d. There are not any professional experts who are responsible for managing and monitoring security situation.

Customers might not want to change the current security force for some reason, but still wish to improve the security performance. YK Viet Nam are willing to satisfy customers’ requirements with our professional training programme.

The training programme for customers’ security guards will include the following contents:

a. Basic requirements for security guards.
b. Duties of security guards at different posts such as immobile post, patrol post…
c. Patrol work of security guards.
d. Skills and procedure of inspection and control.
e. The procedure and measure of making incident reports, incident minutes and recording into books for shift-changing.
f.  Introducing and training the skill of using necessary forms.
g. Introducing and training the skill of using working tools.
h. Training security plans.
i.  Training fire protection work.
j.  The procedure of precaution, prevention and solutions to incidents such as terrorism, strike, riot……
k. Training physical strength and martial arts (if requested).

Training coaches are Vietnam’s leading security specialists who are very competent of carrying out training process. With long-time experience and professional training skill, we will enhance the quality of customers’ security force to keep pace with security guards from professional security companies.

Besides, we also co-operate with Police Agencies which are fully functional to issue the Certificate of Professional Security Skill for customers’ security guards.





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